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Information-Technology Just some info's about some minor IT-projects i spend some time on, lately.
Generally i'm trying to make sure that everything i put up here is correct but i can't give any guaranties that it is. And if it breaks your system, you keep all the pieces and I don't care. But let me know what happened. Send your comments, corrections and supplement to it@dominok.net
The necessity to make backups of you important data before, i.g. hacking your MBR with an hex editor, should be self-evident.

Forking of a XP-Partition into 2-3 specialised installations

The idea is to copy (using ntfsclone) a fresh/clean XP-installation to two additional partitions on the same HD. The new ones should then get customised for special purposes like gaming or testing stuff. Then i'd like to create some images of these XP-clones so that i can easily reset them if^Wwhen they get messed up.
I got stuck two times trying to achieve this. The first time Anton Altaparmakov - a Linux NTFS Maintainer - gave me some good advice in the linux-ntfs.org-forum.
After being on the wrong track several times i found some very useful Information on Dan Goodells website. In his excellent text: Understanding Multibooting
So i'm just summing up info here.

Fork XP-installation (html-en-version)